Gain visibility and control of your cash flow today.

In today’s supply chain, the past is no indication of the future. Free up cash with insights that are instant, prescriptive and proactive. 



We’re committed to helping supply chain organizations react and evolve to meet demand impacted by COVID-19. Declutter your inventory and supply chain data in moments to access insights that matter most. 


ATHENA is the AI business companion turning data into insights to improve visibility and forecast accuracy. ATHENA senses and responds to changes in demand, supply and inventory turn-over as it happens, keeping your team advised and on target at all times. 

Shifts in demand and supply disruptions are rewriting the rules of the game. 

ATHENA, our smart assistant ensures works around the clock to inform your next move and ensures critical supplies get to those that need them the most, when they need it. 


Customer Success Stories

Empowering Distribution Teams with Real-Time Visibility 

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Transforming Manufacturing Efficiency with Optimized Inventory

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Boost agility and profitability with insights that are proactive, instant and automated.

The missing link in your supply chain

Organize inventory, sales and purchase data to immediately gain access to the information that matters most to you, your customers and suppliers. 

Gain visibility and control of your inventory’s adaptive analytics is built to generate insights from data sets of all shapes and sizes. ATHENA analyzes demand and inventory at all levels to provide suggestions and recommendations including  analysis of COVID-19 impact to your business. 

Optimize inventory and cash flow     with ATHENA

ATHENA shares insights through an autogenerated dashboard organized to fit your businesses’ needs. Receive proactive alerts on key metrics, equipped with conversational interaction to explore data points and collaborate with various roles and teams. 

Instant. Prescriptive. Automated.


Simply plug inventory, sales, and purchasing data into the platform.

Receive Insights and Recommendations

ATHENA analyzes true demand and inventory data at a micro level to deliver instant insights and recommendations on supply chain performance with market impact.

Plan for the Future

Gain visibility and optimize inventory. Collaborate with stakeholders and decision makers to build long-term resilience.


Let ATHENA Optimize Your Inventory in 4 Weeks

As supply chains rethink and transform their global supply chain model, ATHENA is here to help your business become more resilient to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Analyze the demand and supply with COVID impact to discover hidden trends and areas for optimization.


Identify and adjust the supply and demand to optimize the cash flow. 


Gain instant supply chain visibility and improve collaboration with customers and suppliers.


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