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One Unified Platform for Enhanced Decision-Making and AI-Powered Augmented Analytics

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Athena Embedded Platforms



Simplify automated Insights with no code, low code analytics solution

Bring analytics to life with AI

Boost insights with a suite covering Business Intelligence, augmented and predictive analytics.

Patented Conversational AI

Adaptive and contextual conversational engine for actionable insights.

Data Collaboration

Collaborating between data scientists and business users has never been easier

Open Platform

Work with all of your favorite data augmentation tools

ConverSight Platform

Collaborate, No-Code Magic, AI Stories and Beyond with ConverSight

Collaborative Data Environment

Integrate data from various sources, collaborate with your team and access insights with ease.

Explore data with interactive tables, no-code visualizations and automated chart builders.

Turn your data into stories with ConverSight GPT. Connect the dots between data, knowledge and business impact.

How your data works with ConverSight

ConverSight Platform

By 2025, 75% of data stories will be generated using augmented analytics

Powered by augmented analytics, Athena bridges the knowledge gap between data and business users to finally allow anyone within an organization to gain value from data insights.

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Data Exploration

View your data in the way that makes the most sense to you with customized storyboards made with real-time data.

Data Visualization

Be prepared for every occasion with unlimited pinboards built in a matter of seconds.

Data Sync

Connect multiple data sources in one place to maintain an accurate pulse of all of your business’ moving parts.

Data Engineering

Share storyboards & insights on-demand or schedule for the future with a single click.

Embedded Analytics

Get insight from combining data from disparate systems using ConverSight‘s multi-connector data warehouse.

We humanize interactions between systems and its users

We deliver smart solutions that think and talk