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improved visibility

No More Surprises 

Actionable Insights. Instantly. Anywhere. 

Rethink analytics with AI-driven conversations and actions. goes beyond business intelligence and dashboarding to enable business leaders to make informed decisions and get the job done, from start to finish.

Supply Chain Insights. Instantly. Anywhere. 

Customer expectations, inventory costs and shifts in demand are facing unprecedented distruption.

Hello, I’m Athena

Athena, a conversational AI business assistant, is intuitive, sensing changes in demand and inventory turn-over, and responds in real-time. 

Gain Real-Time Visibility

With improved visibility into all corners of your supply chain, Athena uncovers hidden insights and flags early-stage anomalies. Access multiple applications and databases in real time from a single search box. 

Receive Proactive Insights

Athena proactively identifies key business metrics throughout the day. Now leaders, customers and suppliers can access the insights they rely on to make the right decision at the right time – anytime, anywhere.

Built-In Supply Chain Control Tower

Athena monitors demand and inventory levels around the clock to control optimize operations, minimize disruptions and enable your business to more fully understand, prioritize and resolve critical issues in real time.


Athena enables users in all corners of your supply chain to access valuable insights for better decision making, eliminates time-consuming tasks and mitigates risk to save valuable resources and accelerate growth. 

Optimized Supply Chain Operations

  • Inventory Visibility

  • Autogenerated Forecasts

  • Auto-Created Reports

  • Data Sharing and Collaboration

Empowered Sales Teams

  • Product Catalog

  • Inventory Availability

  • Sales Performance

  • Sales Guidance

  • Order Creation

Intelligent Executive Dashboards

  • Dashboards on Key Metrics

  • Proactive Insights

  • Automated Dashboards

  • Self-Service Reporting

Improved Customer Engagement

  • Supply Chain Visibility

  • Auto-Generated Weekly Reports

  • Customer Dashboards

  • Order Creation