No More Surprises 

Actionable Insights. Instantly. Anywhere. 

Something new happens in your business every day. What story is your data telling? Our AI assistant, Athena, expects the unexpected by analyzing your data around the clock, delivering proactive insights anytime, anywhere.


Insightful actions at the speed of thought - Conversational AI Platform

Meet Athena: Your AI Assistant

Athena, a conversational AI companion, understands users’ questions and applies context and domain intelligence to generate data and insights. There is no need to create reports, just ask.


Be Informed, Effective & Productive

Athena, an AI companion, empowers sales and service teams with real-time insights using conversational AI. creates, aggregates and  complements knowledge graphs and enables smart, automated actionable  insights.


Access Key Insights Through Natural Language Conversation

We go beyond static, non-adaptive, inconvenient user interfaces to empower users to engage with systems using simple dialogue. This enables users to accomplish tasks in the digital world through natural language conversational interaction.

Conversational AI for businesses

Access Insights From Anywhere

Athena is available through voice & text across multiple channels like mobile, web, smart speakers, Slack, Microsoft Teams and WebEx teams.

Athena understands user behavior, context and intent to deliver personalized insights.

Proactive Insights & Automated Actions

Athena monitors key business metrics and alerts around the clock while providing conversational interaction for everyday operational tasks. AI-Driven Analytics

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Here’s what our customers say

“With Conversight, virtually any report or data query is now achievable simply with a command. Any user in the business is instantly a data analyst.”

“ has given me instant access to data that used to require a data analyst to build custom reports. Now, I can just ask Athena.”

Director Of Operations

“It gives instant access to data that previously would take weeks to search for. The cost benefit, simplicity and speed of data access is unmatched.”

Sales Manager

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