Increase productivity and improve accuracy and efficiency through analytics-driven voice-directed Warehouse insights

Bringing warehouses to life with conversational AI

WareVoice Benefits

WareVoice - Warehouse AI Tool

Improved efficiency through voice-enabled warehouse operation

  • Improve efficiency with automated checklists and reports

  • Reduce quality issues and increase customer satisfaction

  • Reduce the onboarding time for warehouse staff

  • Advanced inventory visibility at warehouse, location and item level

  • Receive instant alerts on low inventory, delay in delivery and incidents

  • Analyze the performance of suppliers, products and employees

WareVoice Components

Analytics & AI driven natural conversation to perform warehouse operations

WareVoice - data visualization for warehouses

WareVoice Capabilities

WareVoice - AI for warehouses

WareVoice Insights

ConverSight.ai Data Visualization Reporting Tool

Optimize supplier data and perfomance

  • See top performing suppliers by cost, quality and on-time delivery

  • Monitor pricing trends and receive alerts on price increase

  • Order from anywhere, through natural interaction

  • Track sales orders that arrive on time with lead time to deliver; monitor unplanned delays

Accuracy, quality & optimized inventory

  • Manage sales orders from start to finish to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Deliver accurate and correct quantities to meet quality and compliance expectations

  • Higher visibility on inventory on hand, turnover and velocity

  • Control on revenue per unit vs cost per Unit

  • Predictive monitoring on cycle time and age of inventory

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