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Voice-enabled solutions that link libraries, students & patrons

LIBRO in Action

LIBRO allows students and patrons to use natural language and chat to connect with libraries through Amazon’s Alexa,’s mobile app and, soon, Apple’s Siri and Google Home.

Any information available through a library’s catalog and events calendar can be accessed through LIBRO enabling students and patrons to:

LIBRO - data visualization for libraries
  • Search by author, title or genre

  • Place, cancel and manage holds on books and materials

  • Receive notifications when materials are available

  • Manage their accounts, including renewals, unpaid fees, returns and more

  • Learn about library events and reserve space

  • Read audio books

  • Communicate with the library in other languages

LIBRO Assists Librarians

  • Library information is available from anywhere, without screens or staff assistance

  • Students and patrons easily manage their accounts through chat

  • Notifications speed up lending, renewals, fees paid

  • Ease of renewal encourages more reading and usage

  • Easy access to events increases participation

LIBRO - AI for libraries

LIBRO Deepens Relationships

LIBRO - conversational AI platform for Libraries
  • The library is a gathering place, both real and virtual

  • Technology invites new patron groups to the library

  • Students and patrons are exposed to events and materials not previously explored

  • Library’s innovation encourages usage and boosts relevance

  • LIBRO helps library’s mission to “meet people where they are”


User Experience

Conversational interaction enhances user experience beyond swipe and click

On-The-Go Library

Users can search and reserve books easily and access the local library more frequently 

Empower Readers

Ease of access and mobility will increase the readers and library access


Users can access the library in various languages through voice and chat

Ensure The Future

Natural language and conversation is the future of user interaction, ensuring the future of libraries


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How does LIBRO work?

Using Amazon’s Alexa or the LIBRO mobile app, a student or patron uses natural conversation to access information in the library’s catalog and events calendar.

What kind of information can the user access?

With the library’s permission, LIBRO can enable the user to search by title, author or genre; hold, cancel and renew materials; manage his/her account including fees due, return dates and more; learn about library hours or events and reserve his/her spot, if reservations are required.

Does LIBRO work with Apple's Siri or Google Home?

Functionality with these platforms will be available soon.

Why would patrons use LIBRO instead of the library's app or website?

The use of voice-based platforms has grown dramatically over just the past few years, with 16 percent of Americans – 39 million people – owning a smart speaker as of January 2018. That figure is up 128 percent over January 2017. 44 percent of those people said they now use the voice features of their phones much more than they did previously. This trend is expected to continue. The ease of use allows students and patrons to access their library accounts and interests while multi-tasking, allowing for more interaction with the library.

How much does it cost the library to add LIBRO?

Pricing is based on projected number of users, and subscriptions are on an annual basis. We will work with your library to develop a plan that will work for you.

Once an agreement is signed, how long does it take to implement LIBRO in the library?

If you work on an API platform we’ve already implemented, integration takes about a week. If your API is new to LIBRO, integration will take 4-6 weeks.