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Case Studies

Improved Supply Chain Visibility

  • The first of our case studies is about a packaging material distributor that needed to provide real-time supply chain insights from ERP. At the same time, they want to reduce the dependency from ERP vendors on reporting to reduce cost.
  • They needed to monitor the inventory and purchase cost across 600 products, 300+ vendors, three warehouses.
  • Required a cost effective, business-friendly tool to search data and perform actions.
  • Voice & text based conversational insights through multiple channels – mobile, web and Google Home.
  • Real-time and historical insights without any IT dependency.
  • Ability to share data with other stakeholders without using excels and emails.
  • Key metrics and proactive intelligence around margin erosion, delinquent purchase orders.
  • 70% decrease in report creation cost.
  • 20% decrease in cost of operations through proactive monitoring on the key metrics like revenue leakage and cost avoidance.
  • 80% time savings for ad hoc queries.

Ease of access to bill of material data

  • The second case study is about an American multinational automaker. They needed an easier, more accessible search to bill of material data for future model cars with the ability to search for any particular part through the hierarchy structure BOM data.
  • They needed to search by vendor, part group, and part without going through a 20 field search page while interacting through multiple channels web, mobile and WebEx teams.
  • Voice & text based conversational insights through multiple channels – Mobile, Web and Google Home.
  • Real-time access to BOM details.
  • Seamless calculation of total cost using “What If” function.
  • Integration with existing Java application and also provided search capability through WebEx teams chats.
  • 50% time save on the search (2 Minutes/10 search per day engineer / 600 engineers).
  • 6 figure reduced cost and improved productivity.
  • Increased R&D time by reducing product engineers unproductive search time.

 Spend and vendor performance Analysis

  • The leading provider of resource management professional services needed a solution to optimize productivity and increase the accuracy on vendor bill payment which typically averaged 300,000 vendor bills for their 25-member team.
  • They needed to easily identify spend patterns – abnormal increases, duplicate payments, rounded-amounts – and evaluate auto-approval for 35% of the invoices.
  • Connected with NetSuite ERP and provided real-time access to vendor billing data.
  • Analyzed the historical data, identified spend pattern by vendor, category, location, role, product category and service category.
  • Proactive insights on invoices which need additional reviews, patterns on abnormal spending.
  • Voice & text based conversational insights through multiple channels – mobile, web and Google Home.
  • 60% time save on the vendor bill approval (4 Minutes / 1000 approval per day).
  • $225,000 reduced cost and improved productivity.
  • Significant cost savings by catching the vendor bill issues.