Life At

The team at is not developing another piece of technology; they are here to make people’s life easy by humanizing the technology. They are not developers, they are creators of new avatars.

Core Values


Who you are, what you can achieve is not important. What we can deliver together as a team matters the most. We think, deliver and grow together. We congratulate each other when one does innovative idea or outperform. Everyone works together— We think, deliver and grow together.


We go above and beyond to make our commitment, be it personal side or customer side. We plan ahead, stay focused, dedicate to achieve the result. We achieve the success by sharing the same vision and a collective feeling of trust within all of us.


To humanize the technology, we need to understand the behavior of the people. That's not a constant; it’s changing and evolving every day. We and our platform follow adaptive learning to be creative all the time.

Customer Focused

We are here to deliver what the customer really needs, not the one they are asking for. We understand their intent and solve that. Own the outcome is our mantra for success.